The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus feature new, optional gyms, which allow users to track workouts using their phones and track how many calories they burn.

If you’re looking for a fitness tracking app, the apps below might be the best.

Fitness Trackers Apple Health and Fitbit The iPhone and iPad versions of these two apps have built-in GPS for easy navigation, but the new version of Apple Health has a few tweaks to make the experience more intuitive and customizable.

Apple Health on the iPhone uses a new “fitness interface,” which lets users customize a few features, like calorie count, distance covered, and sleep time.

You can also make a few changes to how your workout is recorded.

To start, you can make an activity tracker to track your distance covered and calories burned, and then you can add or delete activities from your personal list.

Then, you’ll be able to view your workout history with a graph, view your total calories burned (calories per minute) and how many steps you took, and track your activity over time.

Apple also made a few minor adjustments to the app to make it more responsive.

It now shows you the calories burned per minute instead of in seconds, and you can now edit workouts in seconds instead of minutes.

Apple’s Fitbit app now lets you add workouts, share them, and delete them, along with sharing data from other Fitbit apps.

Both Apple Health & Fitbit now let you track distance covered with your phone and track calories burned.

Apple Fitness on the iPad now lets users track distance and calories from their phone, and let you share and delete workouts.

Apple Fitbit on the Apple Watch now lets them track distance, calories, and step counts with their watch.

Apple is working on a third fitness tracker for the Apple watch, which will probably be announced in the coming months.

Apple Watch Series 2 Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch series 2 Both of these new fitness tracking apps have an Apple Watch companion app.

Apple has also updated the app, adding a new option that allows users to set their own workout goals, and letting them record their own videos.

Apple says the new workout app lets users set the number of steps they should take, and the time of day to start and finish the workout.

It also lets users upload their workouts and share them with friends and family.

Apple can’t say what the new Apple Watch will look like, but it looks pretty good.

Apple Sports on the new watch will let you customize your workout schedule, track calories and step totals, and share your personal progress.

Apple Sport on the watch will also let you add personal videos to the workout, and show them to other people who have an iPhone.

Apple will also offer a free membership to its Apple Watch Club to sign up for a monthly Apple Watch membership.

Apple Music Apple Music on the Watch will let users stream music from their iPhones to their Apple Music subscription.

Apple and Spotify on the app will also give you a “Playlist” tab for music that you can play while you workout.

Apple Pay Apple Pay on the Mac and iOS will let Apple Pay customers use their iPhones in stores to buy goods and services.

Apple Wallet Apple Pay will allow Apple Pay users to make payments at Apple retail stores and online stores, including Apple Pay kiosks, while using their iPhone.

The iPhone is Apple Pay’s biggest competitor to Google Wallet, which is the only other payment app that lets you pay with a credit card.

Apple hasn’t said when the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+ will come out, but we’ve heard that the phones will be available in stores in the fall.

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