A new political strategy to win over a critical base of the Republican Party is promising to make the party competitive in 2020, according to two people familiar with the effort.

The strategy, described to POLITICO by the people, calls for the party to focus on issues like job creation, tax reform, health care, infrastructure and education, all of which have been central to President Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 and are crucial to the party’s future prospects.

The strategists also said the GOP would begin focusing more heavily on Latino voters in the next two years, and to build its grassroots network across the country.

The new strategy, according with one of the people familiar, is to focus in part on how the party can best serve its Latino voters, especially those who are more likely to be underrepresented in the Republican party and who are increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo.

The new approach is being coordinated by the Republican National Committee and the Hispanic Leadership Network, a nonprofit organization formed in April by top Republican officials.

It is unclear how the strategy would work in practice, or whether it would be adopted by the RNC, the people said.

Trump’s approval ratings have sunk to historic lows and Republicans are worried about a backlash from the party base over his unpopular handling of the Charlottesville protests.

The strategy would likely give the party new energy to combat that challenge, these people said, as well as broaden the party in the process.

The Republican National Convention will take place in Cleveland next month, and the party is expected to use its platform to announce its 2020 nominee in the weeks ahead.

Trump’s party leaders are expected to nominate at least two new members of Congress.

The party has been in disarray since Trump lost the presidential election to Democrat Hillary Clinton, leading to a divided party.

The plan would require new leadership in Congress to find a way to move forward, but the strategists believe it could be adopted at the national level, potentially as early as the next Congress.

Republicans have struggled to find candidates in Congress with the right mix of conservative credentials and progressive support.

A number of GOP governors and state legislators have recently resigned amid internal fights over whether to run for higher office, and some Republican governors have recently declared their intent to challenge Democratic incumbents in 2018.

Republicans are also scrambling to shore up support among Latino voters.

They have lost support among younger voters in general elections, but have seen their numbers rise with the election of Trump, and are struggling to broaden their base.

The two people who know the strategy said it is a move by the Trump administration to expand the party and create a new and distinct voice.

The plan would not be part of the GOP’s 2020 platform.

A former top adviser to former President Barack Obama, Steve Bannon, was the lead architect of the strategy, the person said.

The White House declined to comment on the strategy.

Trump and Bannon have been fiercely critical of Trump’s handling of Charlottesville, which erupted in August over the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The protests led to violence at the rally.

Bannon is a member of the influential right-wing Breitbart News website and a frequent critic of the president.

The White House has not yet released the full strategy, but one of those people said the president is looking for a strategy that is bipartisan and can work across the aisle.

One key area the administration has considered is how to build a new infrastructure program.

Trump has promised to create jobs through infrastructure projects that he has said he wants to boost with billions of dollars in tax cuts, spending that would also include infrastructure improvements.

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