Apple is bringing its own health app to iOS and Google’s Android devices.

AppleHealthKit, the app from the company’s developers, is a replacement for Google’s Health app that was launched in 2014.

AppleInsider’s source claims that the new AppleHealth app is the first health app from Apple.

AppleInsider first reported on the app on Wednesday.

The AppleHealthkit app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Apple has already launched its own fitness and health app, which is available on the Apple Watch, but it’s unclear if AppleHealth will make its way to other devices.

Apple’s HealthKit app has several features including:● Personalized activity tracking that tracks your activity and sleep patterns.● Sleep tracking that shows when you’re awake and when you wake up.● A personalized nutrition dashboard that lets you know how much protein and carbohydrate you eat, and how many calories you’re burning.● Live, customizable alerts that let you know when there are any alerts, or if your activity is low or you’re too active.

AppleHealthKit was released in 2014 as a companion to Apple’s Health, but Google’s original Health app only tracked your sleep, calorie intake, and physical activity.

Google launched Health in 2014 to compete with Apple’s own AppleHealth.

Google had previously been developing its own app for Android phones, but Apple had already released its own Android Health app.

Google has been working on a health app since 2014, and Google has made some major changes to the Android version of its app.

Google has removed some of the app’s most popular features, including the ability to track calories burned.

It has also added more features to the app, including a new dashboard for your health and fitness.

Apple is not the first company to make an AppleHealth-style health app.

Earlier this year, Google released a fitness app called Fitbit.

Google’s app was the first Apple app to make use of the new Fitbit fitness tracking technology.

Google is expected to launch AppleHealth and Fitbit at a later date.

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