How to sound motivational and get a person to take a risk.

The first step is finding a way to describe your message that resonates.

The second step is identifying the kind of people you want to meet.

And the third step is deciding which questions you want them to ask.

This is an interview for your next career interview.

The goal of a motivational interview is to create an emotional connection with someone.

You want to ask the right questions and then you want your subject to respond in kind.

There’s a reason why motivational interviewing is so popular.

You can have it any way you want.

If you want it to be a more personal interaction, you can ask for a call or a date.

You don’t need to give a specific reason for your question.

What you really want is a response that feels genuine.

Here are some of the most common questions motivational interviewers ask.

When do you like it when you’re not feeling good? 

I’m going to be honest here, I haven’t really liked it when I’m not feeling great.

You know when you go to work every day and you feel like you’re going to work too much and you want the day to be less stressful?

That’s when you get into your comfort zone.

The more you feel that way, the more comfortable you feel, and the more productive you are.

It can be a good thing to do, but it’s not a good reason to be stressed out. 

What does your favorite activity involve? 

I enjoy going to the gym.

The thing that I’m really good at is working out with weights and doing different exercises.

That’s a good way to relax and just get into that flow that I enjoy doing. 

What is your favorite exercise? 

You know what’s one that I really enjoy doing?

I like doing squats. 

Do you have any particular routines? 

Well, I don’t really do them every day.

I just work out and train with the weight and do my best. 

How often do you get to do that? 

If I do it everyday, that’s a really good thing because I get to be really, really relaxed. 

Where do you find your motivation? 

When you’re working out, I’m always thinking about what I’m trying to achieve.

I’m working out at the gym and doing other things that I love to do.

I really love to relax. 

When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin? 

Yeah, it’s definitely when I can get in a really relaxed state.

When I’m sitting and just relaxing, it feels good. 

Which of your favorite food items do you eat? 

Anything you can cook? 

It’s just about having a variety of different things.

I like to try different kinds of food, like Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Indian. 

Is there anything else you enjoy that you would love to eat?

I love to make tacos, Mexican-style. 

Are there any other activities that you are particularly fond of? 

Oh, I love walking.

It’s fun to go around the neighborhood and look at houses and cars and walk around.

I also like to go out and hang out with my friends and do different activities. 

Why is your work on the phone more enjoyable? 

Because I’m constantly talking to people and I get their thoughts on my questions.

I get that it’s just a natural thing. 

Have you ever done a motivational job interview? 

Yes, I did a motivational jobs interview.

It was one of the last interviews I did for a position and I didn’t feel really good about it.

I went home and I cried. 

Does it help you get a better answer when you are nervous? 

Not really.

But it helps you get over your initial feeling of not knowing what to say.

It makes you think and make decisions. 

The interviewers at this company said that the one thing they could never find was a way for you to say yes or no.

How do you overcome that?

Well, one thing I’ve learned is that there are certain questions that are more effective than others.

I learned that the more questions I ask, the better the chances I’ll get a positive response.

For example, when I ask about my favorite foods, I feel like if I ask them, “Which of the following foods would you like to eat?”

I feel much more comfortable saying, “Mexican tacos.”

And I don’s a very good judge of the quality of a person. 

That’s what I was talking about with you earlier. 

So what do you say when someone asks you a question like, “Are you a good fit for this position?” 

Well I think it’s a great question.

I think if I can do it and answer it in a positive way, then that’s what’s going to happen. 

And you know what?

That was the exact question I got from my interviewer.

I was trying to

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