David Goggins has a simple idea for how you can stop the federal government from killing your phone.

Googhin says he wants Congress to pass a bill giving everyone the right to have a mobile phone.

The bill would give everyone the same protections as you do with a laptop, which includes the right not to be forced to turn it on when the phone is not in use.

The bill would also extend to people who are not already using mobile phones the right of those using mobile devices to “exercise” their right to keep the device on when it is not needed.

Gootins has written a bill that is a bit more ambitious than that, and it includes the power to force anyone who refuses to turn on their phone to give up their right, without any recourse, to keep it on all the time.

Gootins’ proposal would also make it easier for the government to remove a mobile device from a person’s hands without a court order.

Gowgins, who is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, says he is not against using your phone to do things like shop and mail.

He just wants Congress “to step up and pass the bill” that would give all Americans the right “to have a cellphone.”

But he said the bill would be a bad idea if it does not address the problem of government forcing people to keep their phones on all day.

“I think the problem is that there is no such thing as a free lunch,” Gootis said.

“There is no right to a free meal.

There is no guarantee that you can get a free food in this country.

We’re being forced to eat.

We are being coerced into food.”

The issue of whether we should be compelled to keep a phone on for a certain amount of time has been at the center of many public debates in the United States.

The debate began in 2012 with a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that the government can force someone to turn off a cellphone.

The court, however, did not hold that phone service providers should be allowed to block people from using their phones all day, or even for a particular time period.

That ruling was a step toward the adoption of a law known as the “three strikes” rule.

It is a rule that would allow the government, in the event that someone is convicted of a crime that involves more than three strikes, to require them to turn their phone off.

That rule has been criticized as overly broad and could potentially violate a person or the privacy of other people.

The government argues that it only applies to those convicted of violent crimes or terrorism offenses, and there is nothing to stop a person from having a phone for hours at a time.GOOGINS: The phone industry is the world’s largest industry.

It has a billion-dollar market and tens of millions of employees.

So it is the largest single sector of the American economy, which has been the single biggest contributor to the nation’s economic growth over the last 40 years.

And so, it has always been a source of enormous concern for me.

The question is, how do we balance freedom of speech with safety?

I’m a lawyer.

How do we be safe when we have so many people in jail for so many different crimes?

There are no free lunch provisions for phone companies, so I don’t think we can make a free phone.

That is the way it’s been for 40 years and the only reason we have it now is because the government took away it.

The phone companies don’t care about freedom of expression, but they care about safety and privacy and have made it a priority to have it.

GOOGIN: When the U,S.

Senate passed a bill last year to impose a “three-strikes” rule on phone service, there was a lot of pushback from the cellphone industry.

The National Association of Broadcasters and other business groups argued that it would be bad for the economy because the phone industry would lose revenue.

But the phone companies argued that if the government required all cellphones to be turned off, that would have an adverse effect on the economy.GOOOOHIN: This is a big market.

I mean, this is a huge market.

And it is important that we have the right laws in place to make sure we are protecting this country from these terrorists.

But at the same time, the phone company is the single largest employer in the country, the largest supplier of telecom services, the biggest contributor of broadband to the country and the largest consumer.

That means the phone should be in your pocket.

It should be on your person at all times.GOWGINS

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