Trump has tapped a controversial nominee for his VP pick who has faced criticism from fellow Republicans over his past remarks, including a controversial interview he gave to a radio host that he called “totally inappropriate.”

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Mike Pence said the GOP was not going to support Trump if he did not “get rid of the radical Islamic terrorists” and called the Orlando nightclub shooting “the greatest terror attack since World War II.”

Pence said Trump is “not a candidate that I think we should have been supporting in the past.”

He also said Trump “hasn’t had the temperament to be president.”

He also suggested that the GOP could still choose another candidate in 2020 and called it “truly a tough call” for the party.

“I think we’ll have to find somebody who is able to go on the ballot in 2020,” Pence said.

He also said he did “not have a political background in the way you’d have to be to run for president.”

Trump has tapped Mike Pence as his vice presidential pick.

Pence has faced some criticism over his controversial remarks about Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, including his call to end the ban on gays serving in the military.

Pence told Hannity that the Orlando shooting “was the greatest terror act since World Wars II” and that the attack “was caused by radical Islamic terrorism.”

But on Hannity, Pence was asked about his past comments that he did have a “history of making derogatory comments” and his support for a law banning gays from serving in uniform.

“I’m not going back to being a politician,” Pence replied.

“That’s a decision that the American people make.

We’re going to get on to the things that really matter, which is making America great again.

That’s what I think is the best path forward for the future of this great country.”

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