A look at the season 4 trailer for Gravity Falls season 4, which has now premiered.

The series stars Matt Groening, Dan Harmon, Alison Brie, Will Arnett, and Michaela Watkins.

We spoke with Will Arneth, Dan Groening and Michael Jacobs to talk about the season, their favorite moments, and the show’s upcoming sixth season.

What were you looking forward to about Gravity Falls?

Will Arneth: It was awesome to watch it unfold.

I think it’s a good thing for me that it came out the way it did.

It’s a great story about people that are trying to do something good for their community and what they want to do, and it was just awesome.

I love it.

[It was] a great moment for me, being able to watch and have my friends and my family watching it.

I didn’t know that they’d be doing it.

And they’re really nice people.

Dan Groen: Yeah, I thought it was really great, and I had a lot of fun.

Michael Jacobs: It felt like it was so funny, it was a great time for me to see the family members that we all grew up with and the little kid that I think we all loved as much as I do.

We all got to see how they deal with the stress and all of the other challenges that they go through.

We were really lucky to have these people to hang out with and see how these two people deal with all of that.

The story itself was a really nice one.

How much did it affect your performance?

Dan Groen and Michael Hart are a team, and they do such a great job of making sure that everything that we do is perfect for each other.

That is so important to us.

And then to also get to watch them get to this point, that was fun.

And to watch their reactions to the new episodes was really cool.

I got to feel like we weren’t just on a vacation, but that we were really in this together, and we were all working towards this goal together.

And it’s really great.

It was nice to be able to have that.

And that, too, was a nice feeling.

Michael Hart, Dan Hart and I have such a good chemistry, so I think that we are really close.

It is a great thing that I’m able to see this happen with them.

What did you enjoy most about the character of Gravity Falls and the people you’ve been interacting with on it?

Will: I loved how they came together.

They are all such sweet, funny people.

I loved seeing them interact and seeing how they were trying to make things work for their families, so it was nice seeing that come together.

But then you’re not really seeing the actual characters, the characters that are playing them, so you don’t really see that side of the story.

I was also really excited about seeing how the kids who are living in Gravity Falls would be able take on the challenges and challenges they have to face, because I think, like any town, that is going to be a challenge for any of the characters, not just for the adults, but for the kids.

But the other thing that was cool about the whole show was seeing the kids and the adults that are living there.

They were a really fun group of characters to play with, and that was really fun.

What’s your favorite moment from the season?

I love the ending, the first time they get to the bottom of this, because that was a very emotional moment.

I really loved how the whole episode is a little bit different than the previous episodes, because you’re actually seeing how these characters, in the first episode, were going to take this journey together.

That was really sweet.

It felt really real to me.

Michael: Yeah.

I would say I was really happy.

I’m glad that we got to have some closure in that episode, but I also felt like we were finally seeing the beginning of this story.

That’s what we were aiming for.

That said, I was super excited to see all of these people that were living in that town and seeing the end of the journey.

That really felt like the beginning.

Did it take you by surprise at how many characters you played in season 4?

Michael Hart: No.

I know that it was different, but it was exciting, and there was so much potential in every character, and each of them was really strong.

I had fun.

We had a great cast.

I always enjoy seeing all of my characters.

We just do a great deal of research, because they’re all so different.

We have so many different characters, and every one of them has a different personality.

And so when you see that, and then they’re together in a scene, it’s great.

I liked that, I’m excited to have them.

And we’ve got a great, fun team to work with.

I feel like everybody is really,

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