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The Irish government says it has “no tolerance for violence”.

In a statement, Minister for Children Leo Varadkar said: “We are very much concerned about violence, and that’s why we are taking action on the issue of violence.”

We have made it clear to all Irish families that they will be given a range of support and that they need to make the right choices.

“The Government says it is also looking at how to ensure “tactical awareness” of children, particularly those who may be at risk of experiencing violence.

The Minister says the Government is working with the State, local authorities, schools, social workers and others to identify ways in which to improve the mental health of children.

Mr Varadker said: I want to reiterate that we are determined to reduce violent crime in Ireland, and we will not be cowed by threats and intimidation.”

The threat of violence will never deter us from working to tackle this issue.

“It is not a time to be silent, nor should it be, and it is not acceptable to be scared or frightened, when we have a duty to act.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice says the government is looking at ways to “ensure that the right choice is made for families, especially those with children”.

The spokesperson says there is no specific time frame in which any specific action will be taken.

Mr Murphy said that while the Government would “not be cowering” in the face of violence, “the Government must not stand idly by”.

“We will work with all partners, including local authorities and businesses, to ensure that families can make the best decisions for their children,” the Minister said.

“We will not let violence deter us in this effort.”

There is no time to wait, so we must act now.

“This story originally appeared on The Irish Republic.

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