Today’s motive meme is one that is not only a lot more fun than saying “You suck,” it is also not really a bad thing.

We’re talking about a meme that’s being used to shame and marginalize a specific group of people, namely people of color.

As a black woman, I find myself in a position where I’m forced to constantly be aware of my race in the face of racist tweets, racist comments, and other forms of racist violence.

In a way, I have to constantly remind myself that this is not my fault.

There is no “I’m the problem” in my situation, it is my responsibility to fix it.

This is a difficult position to be in, especially when I’m living in the US and I’m used to hearing from the same people all the time.

But the best advice I can give myself right now is that I can tell when someone is attempting to manipulate me.

In other words, I don’t need to be “forced” to look at someone and say “I can’t look at this person.”

I can, however, make myself aware of their intentions, and if I do, I can immediately tell if I’m being manipulated.

There are a few key points I want to emphasize.


People are using motives to manipulate.


People who use motives to mislead are often the ones trying to get away with it. 3.

We are seeing the exact opposite of what the motivation meme is all about.


It’s important to be aware that some of these motivations are just as harmful as the others.


It is important to understand that the motivations that people use are a product of their race, not the other way around.

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