The answer is both, according to research published today in the journal Science.

Brain activation in the brain during money motivation is similar to that during motivation for motivation.

When you are motivated to spend money on something, your brain tends to get more activated than when you are not.

And it seems that this neural activation is linked to the amount of money you have.

But in contrast to motivation for money, this neural activity does not correlate with how much money you are willing to spend.

This is a key finding.

It shows that money motivation has similar neural activity to motivation during other tasks that are linked to monetary motivation.

But the researchers also found a surprising difference in brain activation during motivation to drive a car, something that is not related to driving a car.

When you are excited about driving a vehicle, you are also excited about paying for that vehicle.

But when you think about the amount you will spend, your neural activity decreases.

This is because you have less motivation to spend the amount the brain wants to be engaged.

The research also showed that when you look at a picture of yourself driving a new car, your activity is similar whether you are looking at yourself driving or a picture with the car.

The difference is that you are more motivated to drive the car, so your brain is more engaged in driving the car and driving to buy the new car.

So it seems your brain has a specific neural pathway that drives money motivation, and it’s not just that you’re excited about getting paid for your car.

The neural activity of the brain is influenced by how much you value the object you are trying to acquire.

For example, if you are driving to your boss’s office and he is paying you for your work, your reward system is activated to buy that car.

But if you’re driving a shopping cart that you just bought for yourself, your motivation to buy it is lessened.

So your brain responds differently to what you are paying for.

If you’re a driver, your incentive to drive is much lower because you’re thinking about what you’re going to buy instead of what you want to buy.

So you are less motivated to buy a new vehicle.

And if you drive a shopping trolley to buy some clothes, your incentives to buy clothes are higher because you are thinking about how much clothing you want instead of how much time you want the clothes to take.

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