We’ve all been there.

You’re on a plane to visit a friend, or even just a few minutes away from home, and you can’t get a seat.

You just can’t seem to find a seat because the aisle is too crowded.

You know you need to get in the aisle, and now you need someone to help you.

It’s a stressful situation, but you can always use some motivational quotes to inspire you.

Here are some inspirational quotes to get you started on your journey toward reaching your personal goals.


“Just Be Yourself” by John Lennon is the perfect motivational quote.

“Be yourself, be your own man, be you.”

And that’s exactly what Lennon did.

He had a very positive attitude and never lost his sense of humor.

When he was in his prime, Lennon was known for being very laid back and had a great sense of humour.

Here is an excerpt from the Lennon autobiography: “It was all about the music and the music was all that mattered, and the people who knew him best, loved him, loved what he represented, loved the music, loved all the good things that he represented.

It was all of that and then some.

I just knew that whatever I did, I would get it done.”


“I’m a Man” by George Michael is a quote that says it all.

George Michael, who died in 2002, wrote this timeless song about life, love, and success.

“It’s like a man saying he’s a man, he’s in love with a woman, and she’s his best friend.”


“Hallelujah” by Adele is one of the most motivational quotes.

Adele said, “Happiness is the highest form of courage.”

And she proved it with this inspirational quote.


“You Can’t Hide” by The Rolling Stones is one inspiring motivational quote that is just a beautiful song.

“The Rolling Stones said, ‘We will never stop, we will never go back.

And the one thing we will always be is Never Stop, Never Go Back’.” 5.

“Love is a sweet thing” by Toto is one inspirational motivational quote, which is why Toto had this quote tattooed on his back.


“We are all on the same boat” by Paul McCartney is another inspirational motivational line from his legendary album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

McCartney’s words were inspired by a line from The Book of Mormon, “We were all on one boat, and one of us had a heart that was white as snow, and he loved it, and his heart was white like snow.”


“Ain’t Got No Place Like Home” by Stevie Wonder is a song that is a beautiful inspirational quote that has some great lyrics.

“So we’re going out and we’re all on this ship, and it’s got no place like home, no place to call home.”


“If You Can’t Get Enough” by the Rolling Stones says it well.

The Rolling Stone’s first album was released in 1965.

It is a classic album, and its title track is the first song on the album.

The song was written and recorded by Mick Jagger, and Jagger had a dream of writing a song about the Beatles.

When Jagger heard the song, he knew he had to write a song, but he did not know what that song was about.

After he wrote the song “A Day in the Life”, he thought of “If you can, can’t you get enough.”

It was the song that inspired him to be a rock star.


“Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bob Dylan is another motivational quote from Bob Dylan.

Dylan had this line from “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” which is a spiritual quote: “You have the courage to live and you have the power to love, but if you can not live and love, you will die.”


“Let It Be” by Pink Floyd is a timeless classic.

Pink Floyd wrote this classic song in 1965 and it has been used in countless movies, TV shows, and commercials.

“Now, we know the song ‘Liv’ was written for the songwriter, Roger Waters.

Roger Waters wanted to write this song about a man who had to go through the trials of a divorce, to find love and to get over the depression that comes from the loneliness that comes with being alone.”


“In the Light” by Bruce Springsteen is a great inspirational quote, and this quote is the reason why Bruce Spring.steen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“He never lost that inner strength that made him the man he is.

He never gave up.

And he never gave in.

He was always the best at what he did.

And I think what we all want to achieve in life is to be the best version of

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