Posted December 09, 2018 04:14:03 Apple has unveiled a new set of incentives for those with the iPhone and iPad 5S and 6S Plus devices, with a range of games, movies, and other content available for download via the app on both platforms.

The new content is divided into five categories, each with a different reward.

In the top category, the best motivational game for the 6S or 6S plus, Apple says it has created the “Top Motivation Puzzle for iPhone and Apple Watch” to reward those who play through the game and get rewarded with “an extra five points” when they solve a particular puzzle.

The Top Motivation Game for iPhone is available for free download on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

The game also includes “10+ other apps” from the developer for the 5S, including “Troll Games” and “Trolling Games for iPhone.”

In addition, you can get the “5S” app on the iPhone’s web browser.

The reward comes in two versions: a “regular” version, which includes a “one-time bonus” of “10 points” if you complete the game, and a “reward for every time you complete a puzzle,” which includes “a special bonus of 10 points.”

In a statement, Apple explained that the bonus is awarded for the first person who completes the game.

You can choose the “regular reward” if the game isn’t too difficult.

“If you’re looking for a quick and easy distraction from your iPhone 5S or Apple Watch, we have a lot of other apps that will help you get through this puzzle,” the statement reads.

“You can also choose the reward for every puzzle that you solve.”

The app also includes other apps, like a “Top Five Motivation Games for the iPad” and a variety of games for the “iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.”

Apple also released a new version of the “Apple TV” app for the Apple TV, which will let users watch movies on the AppleTV, and “The Apple TV App for iPhone” will let you watch videos on your Apple TV.

The iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus will receive new software updates, as well as new software upgrades that support the 5 and 6, according to Apple.

Apple also said it will continue to offer free updates for older versions of the devices, and that it is “working to ensure that we provide the latest software to all of our customers.”

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