A new study finds that when you use a catchy lyric, the viewer becomes less likely to share that video with others.

The research, published this week in the journal Psychological Science, suggests that the catchy lyrics can increase engagement with a video and even encourage people to share it.

“Motivation lyrics can motivate people to take action on a video,” study author Shauna Kuehn, a doctoral student at the University of Maryland, College Park, told The Verge.

“And the more people share it, the more likely they are to share a link to the video on their own timeline.”

The research focused on two groups of people.

One group was asked to choose between three different motivational slogans and write a motivational video on the side of the post, while the other group received no incentive.

The researchers found that people who were presented with a catchy motivational slogan were more likely to upload a video to their own Facebook timeline.

The participants were also asked to rate the video, using a scale from 1 to 5.

The results showed that when the participants rated the video as positive, they were more willing to share the video with their friends.

The study also showed that the more the participants shared a link, the higher their rating of the video.

“People who are exposed to catchy motivational videos are more likely than non-starters to share their videos with friends,” Kueehn said.

The new study, which was published in the peer-reviewed journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, found that when people read a catchy, motivational phrase on a post, they are more willing and able to share with others and that they are also more likely the people to post the link to their video.

That’s important, because the link can have a big impact on other people, she said.

“We believe that motivation lyrics can have an impact on the way that people engage with video content.”

The researchers used a Facebook video called The Truth About My Facebook Life to show the participants a video of a young man named James who had written on the post about a friend of his, but the video was cut short because he had to take his own life.

The clip showed James’s friend’s daughter in the background, and James had posted the video to Facebook, asking people to help him.

He also included the message “I’m so sorry.”

People who clicked on the link shared the video about James’s story and praised his decision to share.

People who had shared the link on their timeline were more interested in the video than those who had not.

The video was viewed more by people who clicked the link than by people not clicking the link, which indicated that the people who had clicked the video had also shared it, Kuehrn said in a press release.

The link that James posted on his Facebook was also viewed more than any other link.

“This indicates that if you share your video on Facebook, you may increase engagement,” she said, because it has a much larger reach than any link, video, or picture you could have created.

“The more engagement you have, the greater the likelihood of people engaging with your video.”

The study suggests that, in addition to the link being seen by more people, people who shared the story were more open to the story.

“Our findings suggest that the motivation of the story could also increase the likelihood that you will engage with other people’s video content,” Kueshn said.

But the study also shows that the motivational phrase had a big effect on the video’s engagement.

The more people shared a video on a page, the longer the video received.

“While this may not necessarily be a direct consequence of the shared video, it indicates that the longer people share a video, the less likely they will share it on a public page, even when they share the link,” Kuhn said, in the press release describing the study.

“As a result, the long-term effect of sharing a link on a news story may also be influenced by the shared link, even if it’s not directly related to the shared piece.”

So the next time you’re watching a video posted on Facebook and you see someone’s name pop up, take a moment to share this video with them, because there’s a big chance it could be one of your Facebook friends.

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