It’s no secret that the Bible quotes are very inspirational.

So, when we’re reading the Bible, it’s important to know how to use those quotes to motivate us.

And we can do just that by reading the biblical passages we love to quote.

But there are times when you may need to take a break from the Bible to read a few quotes from other books to motivate yourself.

The Bible quotes we’re looking for are the ones that are used to motivate.

Here are some of the best Bible quotes for motivation.


“I can’t go on without you” “When you’re in the midst of everything, you’re not going to stop.”

(Proverbs 2:8) “Heaven and earth have passed away, but my heart is alive.”

(Isaiah 44:13) “Keep your head down, for I am not tired.”

(John 14:17) 2.

“If you’re tired, you have something to do.”

“When the sun is up, it doesn’t mean the rest of the day has passed.”

(Matthew 24:34) “You’re just like the birds.

They sing and dance and play.

If you’re hungry, they’ll feed you.”

(Luke 12:23) “If the sun shines on your business, it’ll be your business.

It’ll be a good business.

If it’s raining, they’re not gonna give you a dime.”

(Mark 8:34-35) “The world doesn’t need us, and when we need something, we don’t get it.

It’s God’s business to make us do what we need to do.

When you’re busy, the world’s busy doing what you want.”

(Job 3:7) “A thousand men will perish by the sword.

But the Lord will gather them all together and will smite them one by one.

The Lord is good.

The world doesn-t need us.

It needs God.”

(2 Corinthians 7:14) 3.

“Never go to sleep until you’ve eaten.”

“I don’t want to get up and walk, so I’m eating.

I can’t do it.”

(Psalm 45:8-9) “There’s nothing to be afraid of in the world, but fear is the beginning of strength.”

(Ephesians 6:19) “Be not afraid of them that are against you.

For they will gather against you, both great and small, rich and poor, bond and free.”

“If a stranger asks you for money, don’t refuse him. “

Be kind to the stranger, but not harsh.”

“If a stranger asks you for money, don’t refuse him.

Give him the money he asks for.

If he gives you a thousand florins, then you’re helping him out.”

(Song of Solomon 2:7-9; Matthew 5:26-27) “God loves the good person.

He loves those who do good, the poor and the needy.

He is generous.

But don’t be harsh to the poor.

They are trying to do good.”

(The Ten Commandments) “Do what you can to help the poor.”

(Hymns) “Don’t be a servant to anyone.

If God wants you to be his servant, he’s waiting for you to do something.

Don’t do anything, for it won’t be rewarded.”

(Tobit 3:10) 5.

“The word is my power, and I am the way.”

“Whoever says I’m weak has no knowledge of God.”

“He who is able to do everything will be able to see everything.”

(Prophecy 22:20) “I’ll make my house beautiful and I’ll make mine a house of beauty.”

(Zechariah 12:7; 1 Peter 3:6) “It’s good to be poor and to be in the way.

But if I’m poor and I’m in the wrong place, I’ll be punished.

If I’m rich, I can do everything and I won’t get punished.

But when I’m on my way, I’m not in the right place.

If my house is a mess, I have a right to complain.”

(D&C 88:9-11) 6.

“To love the world is to love the Lord.”

“The Lord is your teacher, your guide, and your shield.”

(Moses 4:4) “Your neighbor is your friend, and he loves you.

But you have to love your neighbor as yourself.”

(Ecclesiastes 5:14-15) “When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will feel its cold.

The wind blows its snow and the rain falls.”

(1 Corinthians 10:17-18) “What you’re going through is life and death.

Do what you need to, but do not give up.

Keep working and keep learning.”

(Mosiah 1:18) 7.

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