Posted November 19, 2020 07:23:17Motivational photos can help you focus on the right things when it comes to getting better at your running, says Dan Hsu, founder of the Running Motivational Photo blog.

“There are a lot of times where you need to go back and re-read some of the motivational photo books you’ve been reading for years,” Hsu tells ABC News.

“And it really helps if you’ve got a couple of great ones that you’ve always wanted to check out.”

You can just go out and have a look at them and see how they have changed the way you run,” he adds.

You can see how you are running in the pictures below.

Hsu says that running is a great motivator, as it can motivate you to move forward with your goals.”

Hsu suggests that you make sure to include motivational photos in your running training program.””

So when you see those motivational photos, that can make it a lot easier to get motivated for that future goal.”

Hsu suggests that you make sure to include motivational photos in your running training program.

“If you’re doing a high-intensity training program, you’ll probably have to include some motivational pictures in there,” he advises.

“For example, you might have a 10-mile run at the end of your program and you might want to include a photo of yourself running from the start to the finish line.”

I would definitely say that if you’re running a high intensity training program or running a long distance training program with the goal of winning, that you should include a motivational photo as well.

“To find out how you can get started on your running photography project, check out Hsu’s guide to inspiration.

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