How to turn your stress into a positive motivation

Motivation Psychology (MPS) is a philosophy based on the idea that you can use your stress as motivation.A philosophy that's not necessarily new, but it is gaining in popularity.You'll be interested to know that the MPS philosophy is not just a theory, but also a practical approach to helping people find more happiness.It's not a theory but a practical way

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When Your Emotions Make You Better at Business

Posted February 18, 2018 09:03:20A common misconception is that being motivated is about feeling better.That it's about being more confident in your work.That you need to focus on being the best person you can be.But, the science says this is not the case.Motivation is an emotion that can help us to perform well in our daily lives, and the study

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Why don’t women feel motivated?

Why don.t women feel.motivated?A common complaint is that women don't have the same type of motivation as men, especially when it comes to work, social interactions, family and career.A recent study by researchers at Stanford University found that women tend to have a higher level of stress and anxiety when they're faced with a new challenge."We found that when we

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How to Beat Motivation Lyrics in your Facebook Video

A new study finds that when you use a catchy lyric, the viewer becomes less likely to share that video with others.The research, published this week in the journal Psychological Science, suggests that the catchy lyrics can increase engagement with a video and even encourage people to share it."Motivation lyrics can motivate people to take action on a video," study

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How to Be a Successful Athlete

How to be a Successor to your Mentor article How To Be a Champion in Sports article How Not to Be The Worst Athlete You Ever Were article How Do I Get Into the Best Sports Arena in the World article How Should I Lead a Team?article How Many People Do You Know?article Why Are Sports Fans So Excited About

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