US President Donald Trump has promised to clean up its entire nuclear waste system and restart its reactors at no cost.

He has already promised to restart four US reactors and four US-owned reactors in Canada, Canada and South Korea.

It is unclear what the US will do about the other two.

What is clear is that the US has moved to take its nuclear wastes to a new phase, with President Trump promising to clean them up.

“If I get elected president, I will do everything I can to get rid of this scourge of our planet and its nuclear fuel,” Mr Trump said in a speech on Friday.

“The United States of America is in the middle of the clean-up.”

Mr Trump also promised to spend $400 billion to make it easier to recycle nuclear waste.

The US spent $8.3 billion in 2017 to clean-ups of nuclear waste, and Mr Trump has said he plans to spend another $400 million this year to do the same.

“We are the cleanest country in the world, but we have a problem,” he said.

“It’s called nuclear waste.”

How does the US dispose of nuclear fuel?

US President Trump says he will clean up nuclear waste by using a system similar to that of Canada, where the government recycles and distributes the nuclear fuel.

“Canada does a fantastic job.

It’s a fantastic country.

It has a really good clean-energy program,” Mr Donald Trump said on Friday, as part of his “Make America Great Again” tour.

“So Canada is doing it much better than we are.

We can do it very well, but Canada is very, very good at it.”

Canada is the only country that produces nuclear fuel for its reactors, so the US needs to buy it.

But the Canadian government is in talks with the Trump administration about importing its fuel for recycling.

How does Canada plan to recycle its fuel?

“We’re going to make sure that Canada gets it right.

We’re going with the same way Canada is, which is using it to produce electricity,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“And we’re going in a very different way.

We are going to get a lot of energy from nuclear power, and we’re also going to bring down greenhouse gases, because we’re doing that.”

What is the US’s strategy to deal with the waste?

The US has not been able to dispose of all the waste it produces.

It requires special approval from the Environmental Protection Agency, and President Trump has asked Congress for billions more for the cleanup.

“They are doing a fantastic and we can’t let them do that,” Mr Trudeau said.

But Mr Trump is not the only person to worry about the waste.

Canada is currently in talks to import the fuel it needs for its plants, but the US government wants to get it from elsewhere.

The White House is also seeking approval from Canada to use the Canadian nuclear waste as an energy source.

“I am not going to let Canada import nuclear waste from Canada, because the waste is not safe, it’s not secure, it has been contaminated,” Mr Obama said.

He added that he was concerned about a potential leak from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico, where waste is shipped to Canada.

“When I go to Canada, I’m going to ask them for permission to use nuclear waste for their own nuclear power,” Mr Mr Obama told reporters.

We don’t have the security to get that waste into our country.” “

And then we are going, ‘Oh my goodness, we don’t want that waste.’

We don’t have the security to get that waste into our country.”

What happens if a nuclear plant is shut down?

“The waste will be shipped from Canada,” Mr Ryan told ABC News.

“You will see it, but it will be transported from Canada.”

“There are a lot more moving parts to it,” he added.

“What happens if the nuclear plant closes down?

The waste is then dumped in an area called the Yucca Mountain, where it is stored. “

That’s the nuclear waste going out into the ocean and into the atmosphere.”

The waste is then dumped in an area called the Yucca Mountain, where it is stored.

In October, Mr Trump ordered the Yuva Prudhoe Power Plant in Arizona to close.

“A lot of our nuclear waste is stored in Yucca, but there’s also radioactive water in there,” Mr Pruitt said.

What are the long-term effects of the waste disposal?

The waste disposal process is a process that uses water, sand and sandpaper to remove radioactive waste from the reactor core.

Mr Trump signed an executive order to restart the Yuvi Energy facility, which uses the spent fuel for heaters.

The Yuvi Nuclear Reactor has been shut down for two years and

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