This is the secret to creating a beautiful motivational lockscreen, and you can do it in a few minutes.

Read more Advertisement It’s actually not all that difficult to do.

First, you’ll need some kind of background image to fill out the top half of your screen.

That’s because the lock screen will use the background image for its icon.

We’ll call it the background-size icon, or BSicon.

This is where the app will display your progress on a bar graph.

To make this icon, you can use a simple tool called a vector tool.

But we’ll be using the vector tool a bit more than that.

First we’ll need a vector icon.

You’ll need to create a new PNG image of the BSicon, then use a tool like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to resize the image so it looks more like a hexagon.

Then, you’re going to add a black border around the image, and then you’re just going to apply a mask to the image.

The mask should look something like this: black background, white border, black mask.

Now that you have the background icon, we’ll also need to get the background size icon, and that’s going to be our BSicon’s icon.

For the background, we need to use the image we created earlier as the background.

So you can either use your image’s dimensions, or you can create your own image that fits within the dimensions.

Now you’ll want to resize your image to fit the size of your BSicon so that the background is the same height as the BSIcon.

Now we’ll make the BSicons icon a bit larger than the BSIcons icon so that it matches the size.

So go ahead and resize your background-icon-to-size.

This will make it look a bit bigger than the background you’re already using, and this will give the BSInk icon a slightly more square shape.

Finally, we can add a new mask to make it more transparent so that your BSIcon looks like a square.

To add a mask, we will need a simple mask tool called “sketch mask.”

And once you’ve got a mask ready, we’re going do the same thing again.

We’re going use a new tool called an overlay tool.

So this is what it looks like when you have an overlay layer on top of your image: layer, mask, overlay, mask.

So we’re using an overlay to give our BSInks BSInck mask a little more texture.

The last thing we’re doing here is making sure that the mask is a bit higher than the icon, so that we can fit it in the icon.

Next, we want to make the icon a little bit taller so that our BSIcon is visible to the right of the screen.

Now, we do this by taking the height of our BSicons BSicon and multiplying it by its background-image size.

We do this for the BSImage icon.

So in our case, this is how we’d do it: height, background-height, BSImage, BSInch.

Now this is where you can see that we have a BSicon in the middle of the icons.

And we also have a background-scale BSicon to the left of the icon as well as a BSImage to the far right.

And then we have an icon of a BSInkt icon, which is a very useful icon, but we’ll get to it later.

Now to get to the BSIs, we have to make a few things happen.

First of all, we must add a bit of extra CSS.

And that’s because you want your BSIons BSInkems icon to have a slightly higher-than-the-background effect.

To do this, go to the “stylesheet” menu in the main toolbar and click on the “add style” button.

Here you’ll find the style for the background of the lock-window.

So if we go to “background-image,” we’ll see a bunch of styles for different background-images.

You can also see that the icon for the lock window is a lot taller than the rest of the locks, so we want the icon to be as tall as the icon itself.

So to do that, we use the CSS we created previously.

We then put this CSS on the BSiicon, which we added just for that.

And this is the CSS for the icon we created: background-position:fixed;height:1em;width:1.4em;color:white;background-repeat:no-repeat;position:relative;position-bottom:0;margin-left:20px;position:-top:0px;height-align:center;border-bottom-width:0em;border:1px solid #fff;borderstyle:solid;background:#fff;padding:20em 0;;background.left:-1.25

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