Clive Lloyd was an all-round player, an allrounder, a batsman and a legend.

The iconic figure of cricket and his image is synonymous with cricketing greatness, but he was also a cricket legend, with his name being inscribed in the record books of the game for nearly 20 years.

His life story was immortalised in a storybook by John Grisham, which was published in 1972.

The author, Peter McManus, was so moved by the story he decided to name the book, Cricket: The Greatest Game of the 20th Century, and his wife, Anne, was instrumental in making the film version.

The book is the most successful book on cricket to date, and has been translated into nearly 25 languages.

Cricket has had a huge impact on our lives, but we have never seen the same story told.

Clive Lloyd’s story has now been told, in a new book.

The story of how the legend of Clive Lloyd changed our lives.

But what happened to him?

What happened to the game of cricket that he loved so much?

Here’s what you need to know.

The legend Clive was born in Birmingham, England, on October 12, 1915.

He grew up playing cricket with his father, who had previously played for Birmingham City and also played for Nottinghamshire.

His father died in the Battle of High Wycombe in 1916, and the family moved to England to live with his family, where he attended schools in Birmingham and the nearby village of Wirral.

He started to play cricket at the age of eight, but by the age 16 he had lost his father.

After moving to England with his parents, Clive and his mother went to work for the Middlesex Cricket Club, and when they returned to Birmingham they were told to work at the club.

At the club, Clive became a very popular and respected player, and eventually, after several years at the same club, was named as captain of the team.

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Clive was called to England’s cricket team for the first time.

Clive played a huge role in the team’s success.

He captained the team to their first World Cup triumph in 1935, and also won the inaugural Twenty20 tournament in 1934.

He became captain for the England team in 1940 and became the first England cricketer to score a century in the World Cup.

But Clive had been injured in the 1940 World Cup, and was diagnosed with a serious case of arthritis.

His body had started to give out, and in January 1945, the captain announced that he would retire at the end of the tournament.

Clive’s career in cricket was over, and he was left with no option but to play a limited-overs match for the West Indies in England.

In fact, it was the first of two World Cup appearances Clive made in England, and one of the biggest of his career.

He was captaining the West Indians to a record-breaking first World Series win, in 1952.

In 1953, Clive made his Test debut for England against New Zealand, and then became the captain in 1958, when the team made a record number of Tests in England before they were ousted by Australia.

His captaincy lasted a decade, and during that time, he played for over 200 international matches.

Clive was a legend in England and the world for a decade.

In his final Test in 1961, he was the only player in history to score two centuries, and for his captaincy, he won the World Twenty20.

After a long and distinguished career in England cricket, Clive returned to the New Zealand team to play for New Zealand in 1964.

He would be captain for six more years, before retiring in 1965.

Clive would then spend the next decade playing cricket in New Zealand.

In 1967, he made his return to the international stage, playing his final international match in South Africa.

The first time he played in an international was in India in 1976.

His first international century came in the third Test of the 1966 World Cup final, when he was part of a Test team that won the match.

He went on to make over 200 Test and Twenty20 appearances.

Clive and Anne Lloyd have been together for over 100 years.

They are the proud parents of a son, Andrew, and a daughter, Lisa, who have played their entire cricketing lives together.

Clive is survived by his wife Anne, and two sons, Andrew and Stephen, who are also members of the Lloyd family.

His wife Anne has also passed away, and their children are: Ian, who was born on February 7, 1982, and is currently playing for the Queensland Reds; and Andrew, who is currently on the England national side.

The first book about cricket, Cricket, was published by Time in 1982, when Clive was 76.

This book was an international bestseller, and earned the company the first ever World Cricket Book of the Year award.

In 2004, Clive Lloyd

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