A few months ago, I was talking to a friend who was a bike commuter, a hobbyist who rides the occasional city bike and the owner of a Motiv bike shop. 

It was an interesting topic to talk about, and I think that’s the reason I brought it up to him.

He said that when he was in high school, he didn’t want a car. 

“When I was in college, I had to buy my own car.

It was so expensive.

I would ride around with a trailer and just park it on my driveway, but I was really scared of the possibility of not being able to drive myself to work.” 

I asked if he ever thought about changing his life. 

He paused.



That’s because he is one of the lucky few who can afford to do so.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 15% of Americans age 18 to 24 can afford a vehicle. 

Even among those who can, the share is only 25%.

In the last 20 years, this number has gone from 18% to more than 50%.

It’s an amazing statistic that I wanted to share with you all today.

Motiv is a business that is making it possible for individuals to get off of their car and live a full life without a car as well.

It has taken a lot of hard work and a lot more money than you probably think to create this product, but now, it’s ready for you to experience.

In fact, Motiv has raised $1.7 billion in funding to help build the first mass market Motiv product.

They’ve raised $2.6 billion in the past three years.

And it’s all thanks to you.

I am passionate about helping people change their lives.

I’ve been writing about that for years, and now it’s time to share that passion with you.

Motiv is not just about making cars easier to own, it also means giving them back to the people who bought them.

You see, when I first started doing this in the late 1990s, there were just a handful of people that could afford to buy their own bike.

Now, it takes a few hundred thousand dollars to purchase a brand new, well-built, and used bike.

That’s just a small fraction of the cost of owning a bike, and when you consider that it’s much more expensive to buy the same thing, it makes it even harder to get your hands on the product. 

I know that’s a lot to take in.

But I know how important it is for people to have a car and I’m here to help you get started.

The Motiv team is working on ways to make that happen for you.

As of now, the Motiv community is expanding to include new cities, regions, and countries.

The Motiv app and website are all live and are available on all major mobile devices.

They also have a mobile app store that is coming soon.

All of this is great, but if you can’t afford a car in your own city, you’re going to need to look elsewhere. 

The best way to get started is to visit our website and get started today. 

Motiv has partnered with GigX, a transportation company that provides high-quality bike rentals. 

If you are interested in getting a bike rental, you may be able to reserve one of these rentals for less than you’d pay in gas, insurance, and taxes.

If you’d like to sign up for a rental, be sure to use our form to get a rental quote. 

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