The U.S. economy is in a tailspin, and that’s because Americans are taking their mind off their own problems, according to a new survey by the Federal Reserve.

And it’s a problem that could have far-reaching consequences for the economy.

The study, released Tuesday, finds that only 11 percent of Americans feel they’re “motivated” to work, and only a third feel they can get a job “even if it’s not a good one.”

The majority (55 percent) say they feel that they can’t get a new job without having a high-paying job in their field.

That’s compared to 62 percent who said that in 2013, when the survey was conducted.

And even among those who do have a new position open, a majority say it’s “very hard to get a good job,” and the vast majority of Americans are not looking to start a new career or be employed at all.

But the Fed report also finds that even as the economy recovers, Americans are still having trouble getting back to their jobs.

In fact, the share of Americans who say they’re not looking for a new or better job has grown since 2013, to 27 percent.

And in a clear sign of the deep disconnect between the economy and people’s priorities, just 25 percent of the public say the country is “satisfied” with the economy, compared to 44 percent in January.

But even the public is confused about what exactly is happening.

“The public’s lack of confidence in the economy is not surprising given the slow pace of recovery, but it is not a surprise given the lack of economic growth and job creation in recent years,” said the report.

The Fed survey comes as President Donald Trump has tried to boost the economy by reducing regulations and taxes, pushing the Fed to take another look at its balance sheet.

The report found that Americans are also skeptical about the economic recovery.

In the first quarter of 2019, the median person’s net worth had declined to $85,000, down from $100,000 in December.

And while unemployment has dipped slightly to 6.6 percent, the survey found that many Americans say the economy hasn’t improved.

A majority of those who say the job market is “not as good” or “not good enough” are worried about how their paychecks will be in a year or two.

In December, the unemployment rate stood at 6.8 percent, down slightly from the previous month.

But a majority of the survey respondents, 60 percent, say they expect the economy to be worse in the next year or so.

The survey also found that the economic confidence of Americans is down slightly.

Forty-three percent say they have a “fair” or very good” sense of how their economy is doing, down three percentage points from February.

And just 17 percent say that they have “very” or good” confidence in their economy.

“There is a disconnect between public perception of the economy as the most important issue and the economy itself,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

“This is a significant and worrisome divergence in perceptions, and it underscores the difficulty in building a consensus around the economic challenges facing the U.K., France, and the U!


The unemployment rate is the most reliable indicator of whether people are working or not, and is a crucial metric for measuring the economy’s performance.

The current economic outlook is a mixed bag, and we are still not seeing the full impact of the recession that began in mid-2009,” Zandi said.

The lack of job creation and the sluggish recovery is putting the U,S.

and Europe in a difficult spot, the report says.

“While the U.”


has experienced a relatively strong recovery, the public has not seen the economic growth it was expecting, the Fed said.

In January, the economy added 1.7 million jobs, while the unemployment level stood at 5.6 million.

And the Fed has raised its estimate for the unemployment number to 5.9 million by the end of March.

“It is too soon to conclude that the U.’s recovery has begun, and even if the labor market does return to pre-recession levels, we cannot rule out the possibility that the labor force will remain below the level of potential workers,” Zanki said.

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