A recent survey by the Community College Research Center, a nonprofit organization that tracks community college admissions, found that students who are motivated to study the arts are less likely to transfer out of community colleges than students who don’t care about studying.

“There is a clear link between studying the arts and community college transfer rates,” said Paul A. Kostecki, director of the College Research Network at the Community Colleges Institute of Illinois.

“The higher the percentage of students who feel a strong connection to the arts, the more likely they are to transfer.

This is one of the reasons we need to be teaching students about the arts.”

In the study, students were asked to report on three different subjects that were related to the study: reading, writing, and speaking.

The three subjects were: poetry, painting, and drawing.

The percentage of participants who reported feeling strongly or somewhat connected to the subjects on each scale was calculated.

The survey also included a question asking students if they have ever experienced bullying or harassment, and the percentage responded that they had experienced it at least once.

Of the students who reported being bullied at community colleges, 58 percent had experienced verbal harassment and 51 percent had had physical harassment.

Of students who have experienced physical harassment, 63 percent reported experiencing it at one point or another.

The same percentage of both verbal and physical harassment were reported by students who had been verbally harassed in community colleges.

In general, students who were verbally harassed by classmates had a significantly higher likelihood of transferring out of their community college, according to the survey.

Of the students, 66 percent who reported experiencing physical harassment in the past year reported being transferred out, compared to 49 percent who said the same about their peers who had not experienced physical contact.

“Students who experience harassment in their college experience are more likely to be transferred out than students in the general student population,” said Karen E. McDonough, director and professor of English at the University of Iowa, in a statement.

“Students who feel that they are targeted in the college environment, are less successful in gaining academic support, and may not receive the support they need to graduate from community colleges are at higher risk of being transferred into a community college.”

This article has been updated with a statement from the Community colleges institute of Illinois

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